Thursday, January 1, 2009


I’m a scientist by trade (molecular biology) but make every attempt to balance my left-brained career with my right-brained hobbies, photography and digital editing.

I began shooting landscapes many years ago with my trusty Ricoh 35mm and then progressed to a Canon EOS ElanIIe. My film cameras have now been replaced with Canon digital equipment and, although nature still provides my favorite subjects, I also find myself working with everyday objects for general stock images. I’ve also been trying to more actively incorporate my hobby into my career by focusing (no pun intended) on science as a subject for both photography and the digital darkroom.

I hope you find a good home for the textures and templates provided in this blog! If you are interested, you can find more of my photographs at as well as additional ramblings at my blog.

How To Use Textures

Check out the following links for tips on incorporating textures into your Photoshop designs:

How to Add Textures to Your Digital Images - Jarrod Erbe

How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs - Digital Photography School

Using Textures to Create Scratches
and Distress Your Images
- Paxton Prints

Adding Your Images to the Templates

Step 1. Open the .psd file. Be sure that you can view the layers palette. Click on the appropriate layer for your image (in this example we will use the layer entitled "Drop Image 1 Here".

Step 2. Choose "Place" from the File menu in PSE and, when prompted, select the photo that you wish to use.

Step 3. When the photo is added to your layer you will have the opportunity to move and resize to your liking. Once you click on the green checkmark, your image will be added to the layer mask.


If you are so inclined...